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​ギャラリー 曜燿

Gallery YOUYOU

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Gallery YOUYOU

Gallery YOUYOU is an art gallery dealing with artworks and ceramics located on Gallery Road in Kasama, Ibaraki. From old masters to popular young artists, we introduce not only Kasama-yaki (Kasama ware) artists, but also artists and works from all over the country that transmit unique expressions.

We has been closed for a while, but reopened in May 2022.


For the time being, we will be open every Thursday to Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00.

Details will be announced on SNS, so please check it out.

Kasama-yaki (Kasama ware) 

Kasama-yaki is a type of pottery produced in Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture.
Kasama-yaki has a history of 250 years. Historically, making use of the stickiness and fine-grained clay, which is a local specialty, has been used to create kitchen utensils such as water jars and tea jars, as well as everyday tableware. And today, there is a free mind in the production area, the charm of Kasama-yaki is that potters who are not bound by tradition or formality can express their individuality.
Many vases, interior goods, and objects as works of art are made, and potters have inherited the tradition from the Edo period and continue to maintain the high quality to this day.


By Car
- Drive for 5 minutes from Tomobe Interchange of Kita-Kanto Expressway
- Drive for 20 minutes from Iwama Interchange of Joban Expressway

By Tram
- JR Mito Line 

  Take the Kasama sightseeing tour bus from Kasama Station and get off at Gallery Road, about 10 minutes
- JR Joban Line
  Take the Kasama sightseeing tour bus from Tomobe Station and get off at Gallery Road, about 20 minutes

2372-5 Kasama, Kasama-city, Ibaraki 309-1611, Japan (map)
Tel & Fax:

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